Intro 101 Fight Manipulation

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An older gentleman arrives at a gas station in an old truck. He doesn’t seem out of place with any group of guys there, waiting to see if they can get work for the day. The truth is, he started out working at one of the local gas stations. It was at that time, he made a decision… to be incredibly successful. He worked and saved for many years, until he became the owner’s right-hand man. When it came time for that same owner to cash in and cash out, he made his move. He found financing and laid his decades of savings on the line. The young man has aged, but takes control of the business that he has logged endless hours for. He’s made it, and now extends employment to others.

Another man rolls up to Starbucks in a Ferrari, fresh off the lot. His suit is worth more than most peoples’ wardrobe. He has a GED and a transcript from one semester tucked away at home. They are a reminder of all of the ones that told him he’d never make anything out of himself. He’s not a rocket scientist or even good at a lot of things. The one thing he has going for himself is an engaging personality. Coupled with a dogged determination and a will to succeed, he makes his breakthrough in sales… stocks specifically. Putting in 70 to 100 hours a week in the office over several years, he has managed to sell and gain confidence from thousands of clients. He owns his own investment company now, and he gives others the same opportunity to do what he did… even encouraging them to surpass himself on a weekly basis.

These are two examples of people that are being attacked by the OWS crowd… a group of socialist, leftists, with no clear agenda in mind. This seemingly random group of college students, bums, anti-semites and celebrities appear to want the wealthy to give back to them… or maybe they want anarchy… or something else. In their agenda, they name many problems in our society. However, instead of realizing that Wall Street and the Free Enterprise system have little to no involvement in these issues; they keep marching… souls bought and paid for.

The simple fact is, America is sick… nearly on its deathbed. We are dying from complications of Narcissism, greed, complacency, jealousy, as well as a ‘keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. Everyone deserves the new iPhone, a new car, no mortgage, ‘free’ health insurance, ‘free’ college tuition, to be skinny/muscular, pay next to nothing for gas, take several vacations a year, and shut down any celebration/institution that we don’t like. In the end, a growing majority here (and around the world) want to be treated like a cow in India. They can go wherever they want, eat and do whatever they want, no one gets in their way; yet they do almost NO work, with no consequences.

The OWS crowd are bent on getting what they want or bringing down others that posess what they want. They simply can’t see that it usually takes hard work, time and discipline to reach the dreams of youth. If you break down their complaints (some of which is legitimate), they are largely biproducts of Washington’s greed, desire for power and incompetence. My advice, is to dig beyond the headlines of idiots marching around on a street that is being regulated by a Hill in another, far more greedy and corrupt city.

Who Are We Electing?

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by Mickey Featherstone on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 2:38pm

     When we are growing up, one thing that we are taught is not to judge based on the superfiscial. Words like: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, “Never judge a man’s actions until you know his motives”, “Beauty is only skin-deep” & “The truth will set you free”, come to mind. If we look hard, we can recognize the fact that this lesson is only applied to certain parts of out life. Like most lessons in life, it is a timeless lesson in discernment & judgement. All too easily, we ignore how it is & is not applied to our daily decision-making process. We just need to be reminded, because we are a busy society… focused on work, family, politics, science, religion, play & education… quite often ignoring basic lessons & repeating the same mistakes.


In these modern times, this lesson is easy to ignore… considering the barage of media, sales & advertising we absorb on a daily basis. It’s easy to overlook the underlying quality of cars, houses, clothing, gyms, restaurants, pets, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, vacations, etc. Obviously, there are some basic underlying human-chemistry elements that influence our choices, in these arenas. This doesn’t change the fact that, with high regularity, we choose the larger, flashier, or more physically attractive people or posessions. Only our inability to obtain these items or relationships (money, status, attractiveness), keeps us from them.


Situations and decisions that are made, disregarding the surface, are usually harder to find. However, people generally don’t choose a teacher for their kids, based on looks. Quite often, they are chosen on resume and reputation. A pastor, preacher, priest or rabbi is another example. I’m sure that this is a bit more split, but more likely to be a choice regarding the message or ability to convey that message in a way that we can understand.


Anyone that has purchased a flashy car and had to repair it, can tell you about reliability issues or the cost of those reairs and upkeep. In sports there are countless examples about an athlete that looked like ‘a pro’, but didn’t pan out. Those of you that follow football, might remember a Quaterback named Rob Johnson. He was great in college and ‘looked’ like a can’t miss pro. He was traded to the Buffalo Bills from Jacksonville… never fulfilling any promise. He did look lika pro, had a great throwing motion and initially acted the part. Meanwhile, everyone knows the name of Tom Brady. He’s won three Super Bowls and is considered one of the greatest Quarterbacks of all-time. Brady barely played in college and was almost not drafted. He didn’t look like a pro Quarterback.


Now I ask you: who are we electing? Is it the candidate that looks ‘Presidential’? Is it the one that speaks like a President? Or will we choose a man of and for the people? Will it be the one that upholds the Constitution (a document that upholds our freedom)? Our the one that shows a history of violating it? The reality is that recent Presidents are often given the ‘Presidential looks test’… often failing the ‘Constitutionality test’.


That’s why I am supporting Ron Paul (in case you haven’t read anything I’ve written). I’ve heard the arguments against him. They usually start with: “I like him, but… “. “He’s not electable”, “right message, but the wrong messenger”, ” he doesn’t look like a President” or “he says some wacky things”. I believe we have gone so far from life, liberty & the pursuit of HAPPINESS; we don’t even remember what it was. We’ve lost the ability to listen to common sense, life lessons and recognize when someone’s eloquently lying to us. We need to pay attention to these people, answering basic questions… do they actually answer the question? Do they always change their mind or give the answer that is most popular today? If we can really pay attention to the information inside the book, instead of the cover; we might find that the ‘goofy old guy’ is really more like Captain America, on the inside.